Monday, December 20, 2010

Final Post

For me this class was enlightening in many ways.  First, I was a little apprehensive about blogging.  It is something that was completely new to me both in a personal and educational setting.  After experiencing what it is all about and the collaboration between all of us throughout the semester, I really enjoy it.  It was engaging to read other posts as well as what everyone thought about my ideas.  Blogging is definitely something that I will continue to do!
Second, I had not read any of the selections we were required to before this class.  Also the horror/vampire genre was something that was also foreign to me.  These novels have opened me up to a whole new category of books and is something that I will continue to look for when selecting a new novel to read.  I also enjoyed connecting the dots between the dawn of vampire novels to our latest book.  There are many overarching themes when it comes to vampires but the current social, economic, and cultural conditions of the times these books were written always seems to show itself.  After a while, I tried to focus my blogs on how these have changed because I found it so interesting.  Best of luck to everyone on their finals!  

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