Friday, November 26, 2010

Final Project Proposal

For my final project I would like to continue to explore the idea of the evolution of the vampire.  I think in most of the novels we have read involve some sort of evolution/change experienced by the main characters.  I enjoyed picking apart the passages of Interview very much.  Once you look between the lines of Rice's novel, a lot can be discovered about the character progression.  I would like to compare Louis with Neville from I am Legend.  Although Neville is not a vampire, he shares the same transformation/uniqueness in the society which he lives.  Neville is the sole human left in a world of vampires, and Louis is the only vampire who still holds onto his humanity.  Like Louis, Neville eventually looses his fight to grip his reality and shape it into a more desirable one. This is a powerful and interesting comparison.

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  1. cmose,

    Will this be an essay? Will you add some sort of artwork (digital artwork, pictures, youtube videos) to add to your analysis? Just make sure that you are pointing out meaningful comparisons. Many times these kinds of papers can turn into very two-dimensional "lists" of differences (one drinks rat blood, the other drinks from Victorian ladies!), but I will want to see you delve into cultural, social, historical contexts and make a point about deeper thematic differences and what those differences signify. So for instance, what does the alienation of Neville and Louis signify? How does the vampire express certain ideas involving the human condition?